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10 October, 2006

Citi of Queens

The Citi building is the tallest building in Queens. It is located in Long Island City which is directly across from Midtown Manhattan, separated by the East River (in Roosevelt Island in the middle of the river). It usually goes unnoticed mostly because it is overshadowed by the skyscraping skyline of midtown and also because it's really not that flattering :)
This picture on the left of the Citi Building (located far in the centre of the photograph) was taken by my friend Zoe from downtown Manhattan. This is quite a distance, which shows how high her apartment is. The buildings in the foreground (including the smoke stacks) are actually part of midtown but Long Island City is quite similar. I bet in 15 years time the building will be surrouned by many more condominium sky rises. In fact, condominiums have been already sold for buildings that haven't even been built yet!


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