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30 October, 2006

Ashe Stadium

Ashe Stadium in Corona Park where the US Open is held every year in September. It includes over 22,000 seas, 90 luxury suites and 5 restaurants. It is the biggest outdoor tennis venue in the world and is located right by Shea Stadium (home of the New York Mets baseball team) in Corona Park.


Blogger santy said...

Hi, there! It's my first visit to your blog. Great pictures you have :) I have a friend who live in Queens. He's been staying there for more then 10 years now. I guess he really likes it.

30 October, 2006 20:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics! I'm a Queens resident and I truly enjoy it. But isn't Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadow Park?

07 October, 2007 14:37  

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