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02 December, 2006

Steinway St.

For those who know about pianos (I only learned about this quite recently) but Steinway & Sons are apparently a big brand in the piano making. They were also big on naming quite a large street in the Astoria part of Queens. Steinway Street runs till Northern Blvd (shown above) where Astoria ends and Sunnyside begins. In Queens we have tens and tens of names for every area and due to the ill-defined borders some areas have two names or overlap each other. For example, Steinway can be considered its own part in Queens but it's actually in Astoria. This can be confusing even you if you live here let alone for those who don't!
Bon weekend todos!


Blogger Olivier said...

A manhattan (n 29 de la 57eme Str West entre la 5e et 6e av) il y a une croix de la legion d'honneur. c'est le premier immeuble ou steinway etait installe. La legion d'honneur vient qu'ils avaient gagnes le 1er prix a l'exposition universelle de paris en 1867.
Bon Weeck end

02 December, 2006 11:20  
Blogger Jing said...

funny direction boards~~~

shanghai daily photo

03 December, 2006 06:16  
Anonymous lynn said...

That's interesting and a lovely photo. Looks cold!

03 December, 2006 07:12  
Blogger tr3nta said...

The new Madrid daily photo has now started…
Come, and tell me u think…
Thank u all for the ‘unbelivable’ dailyphotoblog network…


13 December, 2006 09:08  
Blogger Olivier said...

"Noël est là,
Ce joyeux Noël, des cadeaux plein les bras,
Qui réchauffe nos coeurs et apporte la joie,
Jour des plus beaux souvenirs,
Plus beau jour de l'année."
Washington Irving


“Christmas is there,
This Merry Christmas, gifts full arms,
Who heats our hearts and brings the joy,
Day of the most beautiful memories,
More beautiful day of the year."
Washington Irving


25 December, 2006 03:15  
Blogger teo mocchi said...

Merry Christmas, Buon Natale!


25 December, 2006 17:00  
Blogger Writer on Board said...

Ah, just found your blog. Steinway. Yes. Thank you. Bon weekend.

23 January, 2007 02:11  
Blogger lynn said...

I am still trying to put the picture of missing UK little girl Madeleine's face into the minds of many, so, if your readers would pop over to Cheltenham to have a look i'd be grateful. You never know she could be in your road or mine by now. We can all look! Thanks. There is now a POSSIBLE, i stress possible, American connection.

12 May, 2007 06:42  
Blogger GE said...

Your blog has been included in our new guide.
Please keep us informed of any changes to it.

Around The World with Daily Photoblogs Old and New: a brief history of the City Daily Photoblog movement and a guide to sites around the world.

31 May, 2007 15:04  
Anonymous rapnik said...

Hello I live in Bialystok from Poland. Your photoblogs is very interesting. I liked it. You looking on my photoblogs. Bye bye.

02 June, 2007 08:54  
Blogger Anil said...

Ah, Steinway street, nice to see it again. I lived quite close to this place and grew up there for a significant part of my life. Look forward to more photos.

08 October, 2007 04:01  
Blogger Meme said...

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Anonymous Queens Air Conditioning said...

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14 April, 2009 00:48  
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Anonymous kara smith said...

Its pictures like this that mak ethe city unique!

07 February, 2011 13:07  

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