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19 November, 2006

Right on Red

In the United States a red light can be treated as a Stop Sign when you are making a right turn, meaning you dont' have to wait for the light to turn green in order to turn. This is not the case though in the boroughs of New York City, due to the high volume of pedestrians. There are, however, a few exceptions when the sign above is posted. But I guess by the time someone reads the sign upside down the light will already have turned green.


Blogger selana18 said...

I wish we have the same rules on Greece...so I didn't have to wait for the green...

19 November, 2006 09:49  
Blogger lynn said...

But if you have two meanings when it's red, surely that's a recipe for disaster, especially for visitors?

20 November, 2006 08:10  
Anonymous Aparna said...

Thanks for this nice post

27 March, 2009 04:19  

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