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07 November, 2006

The N Train

I was kind of hoping I'd get to create a theme of the Queens trains by posting continuous photographs but it gets dark so early now it's quite difficult to take pictures at will. This is the N train arriving at my station. The N is part of the yellow line (although for some reason I think I'm the only one who refers to the trains by their colours) and begins in Brooklyn, makes it way through Manhattan, takes Broadway all the way north and then turns East under 57th street to cross over the East River into Queens. In Queens it makes 3 stops in Long Island City and 4 stops in Astoria. It runs 24 hours (interchangably with the yellow W on weekdays) with the longest waiting time being 20 minutes between 00:00-5:00.


Blogger Olivier said...

rien qu'a lire le nom des stations, cela me fait rever. (meme si à new york, je prefere prendre le bus que le metro). j'aime bien cette ballade sur ton blog.

only has to read the name of the stations, that makes me dream. (same if in New York, I prefer to travel by the bus that the subway). I like this ballade on your blog.

07 November, 2006 00:43  
Blogger magikthrill said...

olivier, merci pour tes commentaires mais les traductions ne sont pas necessaires :)

07 November, 2006 09:50  
Blogger Olivier said...

merci magikthrill, car mes traductions ne sont pas terribles. un endroit que je trouve tres beau dans le Queens c'est "Forest Hills Station Square".

07 November, 2006 13:04  
Blogger Denton said...

I agree that November and December present challenges to daily photos. I find most of my photos during these months to be nighttime shots. On the plus I find I start going for walks at lunch just so I can take a daytime photo.

07 November, 2006 13:04  
Blogger Julien said...

Do you have buses also running at night? On special lines (night ones) or on regular ?

09 March, 2007 04:55  
Blogger The dark artist said...

I ride this same train and this is my input:
N train stands for "Nightmare"
N train stands for "Nowhere"
N train stands for "Not in service"

The stations are filthy with: pigeon shit, vomit from drank people or pregnant women,rusty metal siding, graffity, people do not care about their trash and the MTA does nothing about it. I have taken pictures from every station to prove it that this city is in decay, nothing is different than the so called "Third World Countries".
Today the trains were delayed and the it was just an ordeal to get to work.

22 November, 2008 15:29  
Blogger Mike said...

I use to take the subways all the time in Brookly. I always liked trains.

13 September, 2010 12:19  

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